As I’ve shared in previous posts in years past, I try to focus on what I learned each year and how my life is better for it. Challenges and set-backs and flat-out failures can be hard to accept, and sometimes it’s not until years later that I see how that experience got me to a better place, or connected me with new people in my life, or forced me to rethink my direction.

Change takes time. I’ve been shooting for some of my goals for years – but along the way I’ve also had unexpected opportunities to have experiences that have enhanced my life in many ways. So even when life doesn’t go as you expected, think what good might also be in store.


Technology is transforming accessibility. When I had to relearn how to walk with my prosthetic leg at the Kessler institute, I never imagined they’d one day be using an exoskeleton to help a person with paralyzed legs walk again.


Queenstown, New Zealand has the fiercest sunset I’ve ever seen. The sky and the water were on fire, and it came out of nowhere on a day that was otherwise cloudy and overcast.


There are more than 240 drugs in the pipeline for blood cancers, which means more reasons for hope. I was honored to be part of this national Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Campaign because their research has helped save lives like mine every day.


Never take your health for granted – or let it hold you back. This was something I learned long ago, but when I got pneumonia this fall it reminded me how important it is to see a doctor as soon as you suspect something is wrong. And when I was feeling well the day after I got out of the hospital, I traded my hospital gown for an evening gown to give a speech in support of the American Cancer Society.


The patient voice continues to need more presence in research settings and clinical trial design. I credit companies like Oracle for recognizing this and inviting me to share my thoughts on how this can be improved at Oracle Industry Connect.

With the legendary Gloria Steinham, co-founder of the Women's Media Center.

Women are making their voices heard – in politics, in the news, at work. It was an honor to meet Gloria Steinem, one of the pioneers who paved the way for us.


Budapest is a city rich in culture and desserts. It’s a city full of exquisite buildings like the Parliament, but the shadow of its past lingers in the streets and monuments to remind us of a history that is still very relevant today.


When you need a confidence boost, strike a “power pose.” At a Princeton conference, Amy Cuddy, the social psychologist who made it famous, told us “When you feel powerful, you see the world not as a place of threats, but of opportunities.” This is us doing the “Wonder Woman” power pose.


Opera by the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset is quite magical. I’ll never forget this night, or the feeling I had when I made the move to this borough.


In the wise words of Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. “If you start from a position that there is a bit of good in everyone, it’s a lot easier to get along with them.” Words we can all take to heart.