Speech Topics

Jessica Melore has spoken for a wide range of audiences, of all ages and backgrounds. Each program is specifically tailored to suit the objectives of your meeting and audience demographics, leaving them with a resonating take-home message. Below are a few examples of subjects and themes that can be addressed.

When Adversity Breeds Opportunity:
Finding Your Strength in the Face of Life’s Challenges

Adversity is inevitable: we’ll continue to face it personally and professionally throughout our lives. Often it’s not the adversity itself that has the biggest impact-it’s how we react to it. This presentation uses powerful life examples to address:

  • How obstacles can inspire creativity, growth, and unexpected opportunities
  • How you can refuse to let uncertainty rule your life
  • How to find your strength while at your weakest
  • Why happiness is a decision that you make

Where’s My North Star?
A User’s Guide for Life Direction

No matter what stage of life we’re in, there are times that all of us feel lost and question our sense of purpose in the world. This program uses relatable examples and identifies guiding principles for finding the way.

Take Charge of Your Health,
Take Charge of Your Life

“I’ll start tomorrow.” How often have we heard or used this common refrain? When it comes to your health, waiting another day could cost you your life. Learn easy, immediate steps you can take to take charge of your health through lifestyle habits that will make you think twice about avoiding a doctor’s appointment again.

The Mental Stethoscope:
Finding the Mind/Body Balance In Any Situation

The mind is extraordinary in its ability to empower or destroy us. It not only affects our outlook and treatment of others, but it has a direct impact on our physical well-being. This program explores ways to strike the critical life balance that can help make or break our chances of success.

Beyond My Heartbeat:
Motivating Factors for Transforming Treatment

Ideal for physicians, nurses, research scientists, pharmaceutical professionals, rehabilitation staff, and others in the healthcare industry, this presentation offers valuable insight from a patient’s perspective on key role healthcare professionals play in enhancing chances for successful outcomes. It also forges a powerful and humanizing “connect to purpose” example of the impact that many different healthcare professionals have on patients, even for those who don’t typically have direct patient access.

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